Welcome to the hydrate lab wiki! In this lab, students will prove that the hydrate of copper II sulfate has 5 molecules of water for every formula unit of copper II sulfate. Record your work on your wiki page.

Expectations – the lab write up must include the following:
Procedure: (Typed and on the wiki by 3:00 PM Friday 4/2)
For this lab, you will determine your own procedure. Before you begin you must design (and write down) the procedure carefully. If you prefer, you may use a bulleted list. You may add to the procedure if you see problems as you do the experiment. The final procedure shall be included in your lab report.

Calculations: (Neatly handwritten and handed in by 3:00 PM THURSDAY 4/1)
You must also show calculations to prove that the ratio between CuSO4 and H2O is a 1 to 5 ratio.

Discussion: (Typed and on the wiki by 3:00 PM Friday 4/2).
Discuss what you did and what you learned from the experiment. This discussion should include, but NOT be limited to the questions below.
  1. When hot objects are weighed, the air around them is heated unevenly, and tiny air currents lift the object just enough to affect the weight. Why must you allow the evaporating dish to cool before measuring its mass?
  2. What would happen to the weight of copper sulfate if you allowed the anhydrous (dry) copper sulfate to remain in the lab until tomorrow?
  3. Discuss at least two sources of error in this lab (Not “I dropped the beaker” or “The balance was off” – I want to know why your numbers might not be correct).
  4. What changes did you make to your procedure as you performed the lab? How would you change the procedure if you did the lab again?